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One of the most guaranteed ways to accumulate wealth, is to make smart investments. De-Ace Capital is here to make sure that where you put your money is not just smart but also, safe and guaranteed to grow.

Cryptocurrencies Trading Classes

There is a saying that, giving someone a hand is not enough but, teaching them to sustain what you have given them is just as important.
De-Ace Capital runs regular Cryptocurrencies Trading classes so that not only can you invest you can also, learn a skill that helps you to sustain your wealth.

Forex Trading Classes

The worst mistake we can make with money is starting a venture we have not trained for. We hear people all around us saying "follow you dreams, follow your dreams" but not many people understand that, to follow your dreams you must first master you skill.
Sign up today and you'll be amazed at just how much excellence training brings.


De-Ace Capital Nig. is an investment firm dedicated to growing your money.  We invest in Forex and Cryptocurrencies Trading as well as Rice Farming that way, we are guaranteed to make maximum ROI for our Investors for a lasting period of time.

Cryptocurrencies ans Forex

De- Ace Capital has a team of experienced crypto and Forex Traders who work round the clock to grow or clients' investments. Clients who invest with us, can earn as much as 45% ROI in 6 months.

Minimum Investment - ₦50,000
Maximum Investment - ₦1,000,000

Rice Farming

For as long as man is alive food will always be a priority. There is no better time to invest in Rice Farming than now that, there is an increasing demand for quality Nigerian Rice. De-Ace Capital will make sure that, you have you take part in improving Rice Farming in Nigeria and also, earn from it.

Minimum Investment - ₦50,000
Maximum Investment - ₦1,000,000

Why De-Ace Capital Nig. Ltd

Giving money out is never easy but with the right information and motivation, the process is seamless. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest with us;

What You Get

When you put out an investment it is only fair that, when it comes back to you, It’s more than it was. Making the time and effort spent waiting worth it.

What we have to offer to make investment worth it;


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